Teenage Riot: band salentina di grande impatto su Indie Community

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L’ underground è una scena che da vent’anni a questa parte imperversa nel Salento, ma che troppo speso non trova la sua giusta voce in una cultura dove il recupero delle tradizioni locali si tramuta…

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  1. Miki- thanks for the cnomemt. I am not calling for the elimination of the army, at least not before the world and the region begin moving towards eliminating armies period. My act is symbolic and I am an individual. If the army were not occupying Palestine, it is most likely that I would not have felt compelled to go public with my decision not to serve (and most likely that I would have been granted CO status) and so I think that in terms of the reform point, you and I do stand in similar places- the most urgent thing I see is that the army stops occupying another people. As for your second point, I think that we are somewhat less in agreement, as I have come to believe that when a country has a massive standing army, they are more inclined to make use of it, as it were, and I thus do not find it right to disconnect Israeli government policy from the IDF and its considerations, as if all of Israel\’s leaders are not former army commanders and Israel\’s army commanders do not influence policy. When you train a massive group of people to be violent, that group of people will likely find a way to be violent.

  2. pigeons, queer theory, bigalnuil kindergartens it all just makes sense. for a conflict so complicated, your spitfire of spoken word is clear and simple. amazing filming job, especially the rays of sun coming through. you guys have an incredible partnership going on.

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